The new Ghost Rider?

Police-baiting biker breaks cover

HE’S BEEN out baiting his local cops and running from them on a sportsbike – looks like the new Ghostrider has a made his third appearance, in Australia yesterday.

Police in Queensland have even gone as far as to release a picture of the bike the new hooligan is riding, to see if anyone can help them track him down.

OK, so it’s only a CBR250 but the guy has already wracked up a lot of trouble for himself by speeding in front of cops, striping a motorcycle cop (who couldn’t keep up with a 250?!) and riding the wrong way up a motorway slip road.

Police say that this latest episode is believed to be the third high-speed chase involving the same man, after other chases on January 5 and November 25 happened again in the same area.

The registration of the Queensland registered bike, a 1998 Honda CBR 250RR, is VM839. The motorcyclist is described as being Caucasian, about 175cm tall, slim build, wearing a chrome helmet with red Asian writing on the back and a reflective vest.

Hmmmmm, maybe the writing on the back says: “Ghostrider Two”?