Motorsport artist Rachael Clegg exhibition announced “THE THRILL OF IT”

Born into a motorsport family, the artist Rachael Clegg stars in the images which depict iconic moments from the history of motorsport


MOTORSPORT writer and visual artist Rachael Clegg is on the verge of opening the doors to her latest exhibition, as “The Thrill of It” begins in April.

The collection of motorsport images from the world of two and four-wheels covers some of the most famous racing stories from the Isle of Man TT and the Nürburgring. Each of the images in the collection is shot in black and white, and staged at the actual location where a historic racing moment took place.

Clegg herself features in the series of pictures, and admitted that capturing the shots involved a certain amount of 'danger'. “Many of the shots are taken on live roads with the TT itself taking place on public roads, so there’s a sense of danger to the work too." she admitted, going on to say “I enjoy the mischievous interplay with the nude and the story behind each picture.”

Clegg is a motorsport fan through and through, with both her father and grandfather competing in the Isle of Man TT races. This oil-in-the-blood up-bringing has inspired her artistic works, with her first book “Rachael Clegg Book 1: the Isle of Man TT” and her famous “Milestones” photography series both receiving widespread acclaim.

Rachael’s work will be on display at the Proud Gallery from April 15 - April 22, 2023, 32 John Adam St, London WC2N 6BP. Entry to the exhibition is free and there is no need to pre-book. More information can be found here.

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