Motorcycle tracking company celebrates 1,000 recoveries

Another reason to put a tracker on your bike...

Bike theft

AMONG the sea of bike thefts, we have some good news!

British motorcycle security and tracking firm, BikeTrac, has announced its 1000th recovery since its launch in 2009.

BikeTrac uses GPS, GPRS, GSM and RF in a dedicated motorcycle device, to track and recover stolen motorcycles. The Radio Frequency (RF) function allows for extremely detailed location information, enabling those on scene to obtain a search warrant much easier.

Over the last decade, the tracker has become one of the most highly regarded and popular automotive tracking products.

BikeTrac Sales Director,  Bill Taylor commented: “When we began developing our system, we knew that we had to make sure our tech worked specifically for motorcycles. At the time, others offered GPS, GPRS and GSM, but RF was something that other devices didn’t. This was crucial in our minds because it allowed us to work closer with the authorities to prove we know where the stolen bike is; it’s a big reason why we’ve hit the magic 1000.”

This year, the team recorded their busiest ever August, with over 29 bikes reunited with their owners. However, countless more bikes without trackers will never be recovered.

As well as offering tracking services, BikeTrac allows riders to download and share route, read live battery voltage information and service reminders. There’s even a ‘bike down’ feature, in case a motorcycle falls over.

BikeTrac RRPs at £299 with a subscription of £9.99 per month.