Motorcycle accident? Here's where you're most likely to get injured

European study tells us where we're most likely to get injured during a motorcycle accident

A Europe-wide study of 921 accident cases over 3 years has been analysed and the results published in this infographic. The results chart damage sustained in a motorcycle crash but not all cases were walking wounded, 11% of the accident cases were fatal.

It shows that you're most likely to injure your lower extremities in a motorcycle accident than any other part of your body. According to this survey, you've got a 5% chance of damaging your spine in a crash.

The study has been produced from data taken from accidents in Italy, Holland, Germany, France and Spain.

The breakdown for injuries to the rider are as follows: Head: 18.4%, Neck: 1.1%, Thorax: 7.4%, Upper Extremities: 24.3%, Abdomen: 4.1%, Spine: 5%, Pelvis: 2.2%, Lower Extremities: 31.8%, Whole Body: 5.7%.

It's an interesting chart and if you've ever injured yourself in a motorcycle accident, you can check out where your injuries rank. If you can tick off most of the list, you're not getting this motorcycling thing totally correct but you clearly bounce well.