German Hells Angels and Bandidos call truce

German politicians 'not convinced' by official statements

TWO OF GERMANY'S most notorious biker gangs, the Hells Angels and Bandidos, have officially called a truce to their long-running feud, it has been announced.

In what is deemed by many skeptics as a 'token' gesture, both gangs released statements through their websites saying they would officially end their differences.

"After more than two months of preparation time, a path to a future coexistence was found and the conflict between the two clubs is officially ended, effective immediately," the statement on the Hells Angels website said.

But despite the seemingly simplistic statements, many German politicians believe the move is just a ruse to keep both gangs' alleged involvement with illegal prostitution and drugs out of the public limelight.

Many German officials are still calling for the groups to be banned.