Moto Guzzi 100 Anni - the book celebrating of 100 years of Italian motorcycles

Celebrating its centenary year, Moto Guzzi publishes their book covering a decorated and storied history with tales from 10 international personalities. 

Moto Guzzi 100 years book

CELEBRATING its centenary year in 2021, Moto Guzzi has announced the release of a special book simply titled ‘Moto Guzzi: 100 Years’ (or more authentically ‘100 Anni’). 

An anthology of sorts, the book details, explores and re-traces its storied history through the eyes of 10 special personalities from around the world, who each have their own unique experiences with the Guzzi machines, joining to celebrate the much-loved Italian motorcycle brand.

These names include famous writer Melissa Holbrook Pierson, actor Ewan McGregor, architect Greg Lynn, journalists Marco Masetti, Mat Oxley and Akira Nishimura, DJ Ringo, designer Tom Dixon, astronaut Paolo Nespoli, and Harvard professor Jeffrey Schnapp - who also had a hand in editing the book.

A common thread joining all of these names from around the world is quite simply the love of the eagle brand, who since 1921 has hand-built every Moto Guzzi machine at the Mandello del Lario factory in Lake Como, Italy. Built with that Made In Italy Flair, the latest machines continue to embody the same authentic characteristics that their founders instilled, through continuous innovation & sporting triumphs they hope will prepare them for the next 100 years.

Decorating the book throughout is a wealth of previously unpublished images, untold stories and personal histories that are not yet accessed anywhere else.

Where to buy the Moto Guzzi: 100 years book

Published by Rizzoli Illustrati, the ‘100 Anni’ book is available in bookstores now for €80, or around £68. The 224 page hardcover is certainly a book worth having a flick through, and bordering on an essential purchase for any Moto Guzzi fan. 

Makes a cracking coffee table book, too. 

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