Met Police seek more women riders

'We're redressing the balance' says Chief Inspector

Metropolitan WPCs show why they should be taken seriously

THE METROPOLITAN Police Force has held a special training day to try and encourage more women coppers onto motorcycles.

According to the police federation there are around 2000 motorcycle officers in the UK, but so far only one in 30 of those are women.
Officers attending the course rode specced-up BMWs and try their hand at some of the more tricky manoeuvres required of bike cops.

Chief Insp Don Smith: "Historically, the number of female motorcyclists in the Met has been low. Today is about redressing that balance and dispelling the macho myths."

Sergeant Eugenie Brooks from Royalty Protection, who has been a
motorcycle officer since 1990, said: "I got the idea for a 'Ladies Day' when I was working in Traffic Division and was approached by a new female officer about how to get into riding in the Force. The day is aimed at getting more women into this area and encourage them to simply 'have a go' in a safe and stress free environment."