MET Police Officers 'threatened with machete after stolen moped chase'

The incident allegedly occured after the stolen moped was involved in a collision

New Scotland Yard

A FORMER POLICE officer has claimed that two MET police officers were threatened with a machete after pursuing a stolen moped.

Norman Brennan claims to be a former London Police Officer, who retired in 2009 following 31 years’ service. He also cites himself as a ‘lead campaigner on Police Protection Media, commentator on Gun/Knife Crime and specialist on the effects of Homicide’.

Brennan regularly tweets regarding policing matters and politics, and in one tweet on Saturday reported the attack, claiming that the suspect has been tasered and arrested. Controversially, he added that if such a situation had arisen in America, the suspect could have been killed.

The MET Police has not released any statement regarding such an incident, nor responded to Visordown’s request for comment.

This report comes just weeks after a 14-year-old boy was murdered while riding a moped, in what is believed to be a drug related crime.

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