Meet the 'Bikers against Bullies'

The leather-clad motorcyclists going above and beyond to support victims of bullying

MOTORCYCLISTS generally don't have the best public image. 

Leather clad, often bearded and riding roaring machines, they are thought to be rude, unruly and downright dangerous. 

But for the 1,600 riders that make up 'Bikers against Bullies', that couldn't be further from the truth. 

However, they use that intimidating preconception to their advantage to fight back against trolls and bullies, offering support and help to those who can't defend themselves. 

Anyone who is worried about a family member or friend being bullied - or are being bullied themselves - can contact the organisation and they then descend in their hundreds to support the victim. 

The concept was first launched in the US, and brought to the UK in 2016 by father-of-two, Christopher Cooper, whose children were both severely bullied. The idea has since spead across the UK and thousands have climbed on board.

Marketing Executive Grant Robson formed the North East branch of Bikers against Bullies. He had been bullied as a child himself, and when he saw a 'happy slapping' video on social media he decided to take action.

“The video ate away at my conscience. How could this happen? I just felt the need to stop this in any way I could. Social media has taken bullying to a whole new level. It’s now inescapable,” he told the Sun.

“I had found my outlet in motorcycles when I was teen, so launching Bikes Against Bullies in the North East felt like the perfect fit. I was inspired by their work in America, and by Bikes Against Bullies UK, who I discovered through Facebook.”

The bikers escort youngsters to social events such as proms, birthday parties, and even holding a coming out parade for one girl. 

For more information or to join the cause, click here.