Curtiss Motorcycles teases Zeus prototype in mysterious video

It's a strange, but intriguing promo...

Curtiss Motorcycles teases Zeus prototype in mysterious video

IT MAY have more in common with a horror movie trailer than a motorcycle advert, but this latest promo from Curtiss Motorcycles is a cracker.

Shared by the US motorcycle maker on Vimeo last month the short, called simply 'Do it' is an avantgarde mash up of the past and the future, with a husky-voiced old man narrating the jolting imagery. But the star of the show is a futuristic and intriguing machine, aka Curtiss' electric Zeus Prototype, unveiled back in May.

'Born 1902' flashes across the screen five seconds in - a reference to Glenn Curtiss, who started developing and manufacturing motorcycles that year, eventually building the legendary Curtiss V8. Of course, this is a loose association - the current Curtiss company is formerly Confederate Motorcycles, which was founded in 1991 and recently changed its name to Curtiss Motorcycles to honor the man and his V8 engine.

'Reborn 2018' flashes up on the screen 24 seconds in, while throughout the video the old man whispers 'Do it'.

As the clip draws to a close a young man appears, dons a helmet and climbs aboard the bike. 'Do it,' instructs the man, 'all the way'.

Curtiss Motorcycles — Do It from Curtiss Motorcycle Company on Vimeo.