M25 Set For Peak Summer Season Closure

The closure is set to take place this August and could affect some who wish to travel to Europe via Dover or the Channel Tunnel via the M25

Motorway closed on one side. - Just Stop Oil

National Highways has confirmed that improvement works on the M25 will be taking place in August and could affect those looking to ride over to Europe this summer.

The work is taking place around junctions nine and ten and will result in a reported 19-mile diversion which will add to journey times and likely cause big delays. It centres around the restoration of heathland, and improving junctions to try and reduce congestion. The exact dates for the closures are not yet known, although National Highways is advising motorists to check before they travel, and only to do so if completely necessary.

The planned work for August is just one of a number of closures, the last of which took place in March this year and saw junctions nine and ten reopened ahead of schedule. that work included adding 72 40-tonne beams for the M25 East bridge and required specialised lifting equipment. In total 1,248 tonnes of material were moved into place.

The closure could pose a particular problem for people looking to travel to the eastern port of Dover and the rail terminal at the Channel Tunnel, Folkestone. Those people travelling from the south coast of the UK and the southwest counties of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, could be most affected.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Senior Project Manager at National Highways, Jonathan Wade, said:

“Drivers listened to our advice last time which reduced motorway traffic levels by over two-thirds and meant delays were limited.

“Our advice again is please only travel if absolutely necessary and make sure you give yourself extra time if you do choose to use the M25.”