Lunatic pours cooking oil across picturesque hairpin!

What can only be described as a complete lunatic has poured cooking fat across a well-known motorcycle route in Germany

Lunatic pours cooking oil across picturesque hairpin!

THE anti-motorcycle brigade in Germany has taken things to a whole new level of absurdity, as one lunatic local poured cooking oil across a well-known bike route.

The story begins after the Hürtgenwald voluntary fire brigade were called to what looked to be a pretty standard oil spill on the pretty L218 (also known as Panorama Road), just outside of Nideggen in western Germany. What at first looked like a pretty standard oil spill, soon turned out to be something much more sinister.

It turned out that instead of diesel of engine oil, somebody had tossed a bottle of deep fat trying oil across the roadway, and to make matters worse, they’d done so on a sweeping 180° hairpin. The action by the was deemed as a dangerous intrusion to all road traffic, not just bikes, and the local police have opened an investigation into the matter.

Thankfully the L218 didn’t remain closed for long, as the fire brigade managed to treat and clean up the spill quickly, reopening the road to all vehicles.

The actions of this utter *insert four-letter word here* goes some way to prove that hatred of motorcycles and other forms of enjoyable transport is rife not just in the UK. The trouble is, this is almost an unpunishable crime. With no CCTV or apparent witnesses to the actions of the person, and with much of central Europe already looking to kerb motorcycle use, you do have to ask yourself how effective and successful the police investigation will be.

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Source, Motorrad Magazin

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