London scooter-mounted thieves make strategic error

Robbing Home Secretary Sajid Javid of his phone - probably not the wisest move from the baddies

Bristol thieves

I'M SCOTTISH. And like almost every Scottish man in his late forties, I remember the 1982 football World Cup quite well, when David Narey of Dundee United scored first against Brazil in the group stages. We were very pleased that he scored that goal - but also very aware that it would only make Brazil angry. Which it did, and they went on to hump the Scots 4-1.

Metropolitan Police video shows how easy it is to steal a scooter

So we can only hope that Sajid Javid is also now very angry. But against the scooter-mounted cutpurses of London rather than the (actually fairly decent) Scottish soccer team of 1982. Because the Home Secretary revealed at the weekend that he'd had his phone nabbed by some step-thru socipaths a couple of years ago, when he was still Secretary of State for Business. He was calling a taxi outside Euston Station when the scooter pillion grabbed it off him, leaving him 'angry and upset'. We bet.

Politicians are often uninterested in sorting things out which don't really affect them, it seems, so you've got to imagine he'll be a lot more interested in sorting out bike theft and the associated badness. We'll wait and see if he manages a proper 4-1 thrashing like the Brazilians did back in Spain 1982...