London moped thugs 'chased and shot at car'

The victims were left terrified by the brazen attack

A MOTORIST has shared their terrifying experience in the hands of a pair of moped thugs in Battersea on Sunday morning.

In a post and video shared on Facebook page The UK Motorcycle Theft Protest Community, the victim explains how they were with a group of friends in a car outside a car park, waiting for another friend to leave their vehicle in the underground lot.

While they were waiting, a suspicious looking moped appeared and drove through the closing gates into the car park. The driver of the waiting vehicle thought that they may attempt to steal a vehicle, so manoeuvred his car to block the entrance.

However, the moped riders took offence to this and approached the car, banging on the window and demanding why the friends were filming them, which they weren’t.

Intimidated, the driver pulled away, and the thugs gave chase, shooting at the car and occupants with a gun.

The victims called police as they fled, before the thugs eventually gave up the chase. The victims were left terrified, with their rear window smashed and bullet holes across the vehicle.

The thugs were reportedly caught minutes later attempting to steal another bike.

Alongside the video, an admin for the Facebook page wrote: “Let’s hope that the bastards get done for a long time & that the victims get proper justice.

“The psychological scars that victims get are one of the most important things in all this...”

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