So, asking for money on GoFundMe for a new bike is a thing…

The user states he sold his old bike for a new kitchen and now needs to ‘feel the rush' or else he 'might die’

So, asking for money on GoFundMe for a new bike is a thing…

WE’VE ALL DONE IT, sold a bike for a boring but equally necessary reason, and then spent years regretting the decision.

Well, it turns out that there is a new 21st century approved method of replacing your long-lost-love, by asking complete strangers to chip a few quid each, helping you to hit your target.

The GoFundMe in question was created today by Daniel Ahrens and he has somehow managed to fleece, I mean to raise a stonking £10 towards his £6000 goal – I shit you not, he actually wants £6k from strangers for a new bike!

Here’s the post in full:

“Pretty simple really.  Sold my previous bike to help fund a new kitchen for our house since the old one was falling apart and no good for a new arrival and now that's done I really want a new one but struggling with saving because my wife is also off on maternity so we've lost half of our household income... *sob*

Please help me, I need to get back on a bike so I can feel the rush again or I might die.  I can feel the dark hand of old age creeping up on me and I don't want to waste the next few years unable to ride! I’ve only got a few good years left before I have to pay for expensive shit for my kids, then it’ll really be out of the question.

EDIT: For those of you looking at this and getting annoyed, clearly unable to fathom a little humour from a biker who is currently failing at saving for a new bike, I’ll spell it out for you. It’s tongue in cheek. There I was thinking bikers had a sense of humour about things... 

That being said if everyone donates just £1 I could have a bike pretty damn quick. Just saying. ;)”

With the ‘EDIT’ section being added after the post, I’m assuming the torrent of bad feeling the chap received from users prompted his update to the listing.

And look, we understand the guy has fallen on hard times with his partner not working, but £6k for a bike is a bit rich, especial when you could pick up a much cheaper machine to enable him to ‘feel the rush’.

So, it seems in this world of ‘Snowflakes’ and political correctness, hard work, dedication and saving some money for the things you want (notice I didn’t say need) counts for jack-shit. Tongue in cheek it may be but, the post is still there – if it were that much of a joke don’t you think he’d have taken it down?

GoFundMe users can post comments on articles asking for money. My favourite by far is from a poster called Barry. I think he sums it up perfectly with: “You sir, are a bell end”

Such a touching and eloquent response, Barry – if ever I meet you, I’d like to buy you a drink and shake your hand.

If you would like to help Dan smash that target, click the like below to head to the little tykes page.


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