Limited Edition Puma Ducati 1098R

Got a spare 35,000 Euros and limited sense? You could blow it on this limited edition Puma 1098R

Puma 1098R ... Only available to (loaded) Japanese customers

DUCATI and Puma have teamed up to launch this limited edition Puma 1098R. And it could be yours, if: you live in Japan and, you're a glutton for marketing-based punishment.

A standard 1098R would set you back around £26,000 but if you want one with a trainer logo splashed down the side, you're looking at forking out over £30,000. And because only 10 have been made, they're only available in Japan and they've probably already been snapped up.

Rumours of a limited edition 'Dunlop Greenflash' Hyosung are, as yet, unfounded.