Kawasaki UK unveils 2023 model year colours, celebrates 50 years of "Z" family

Kawasaki has released a new range of graphics and colour options for a number of its MY23 bikes as it celebrates the "Z" family's 50th anniversary.

2023 Kawasaki Z650RS. - Kawasaki

Kawasaki has revealed a new range of colours and graphics for a number of its bikes.

For the 2023 model year, Kawasaki is celebrating 50 years of the ‘Z’ family of bikes, and as such a new range of colours and graphics, some of which provide a nostalgic aesthetic, have been brought to the Japanese firm’s bikes for this year. 

Specifically, the Z900RS, Z900RS SE, Z650RS, Z900, Z900SE, Ninja 1000SX and Vulcan S will receive fresh paint for 2023. 

We already knew about the new colours for the Z 900 RS, as a result of Kawasaki US releasing the new colours on their website. They also had new colours for the “Cafe” variant,  but that remains unavailable in the UK market.

The full range of Kawasaki UK's  updated colours and graphics for the 2023 model year can be seen below.

Kawasaki Z900 23MY Colours:

– Metallic Spark Black/Metallic Graphite Grey/Metallic Flat Spark Black – £9,699

– Metallic Phantom Silver/Metallic Carbon Grey – £9,699

– Ebony/Metallic Matte Graphenesteel Grey – £9,799

Kawasaki Z900SE – 23MY Colour:

– Metallic Spark Black/Metallic Matte Graphenesteel Gray/Candy Lime Green – £11,229

Kawasaki Z650RS – 23MY Colours:

– Metallic Spark Black – £7,949

– Candy Emerald Green – £8,099

Kawasaki Z900RS – 23MY Colours:

– Candy Tone Blue – £11,799

– Metallic Diablo Black/Metallic Imperial Red – £11,799

Kawasaki Z900RS SE – 23MY Colour:

– Metallic Diablo Black – £13,149

Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX 23MY Colours:

– Metallic Matte Sovereign Red/Metallic Diablo Black/Metallic Matte Carbon Gray – £12,349

– Emerald Blazed Green/Metallic Diablo Black/Metallic Graphite Gray – £12,349

Kawasaki Vulcan S 23MY Colours:

– Metallic Flat Spark Black – £7,449

– Metallic Matte Carbon Gray/Ebony – £7,649

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