Kawasaki to adopt Bosch Advanced Rider Assistance Systems

The new suite of electronics includes collision warning, adaptive cruise control and blind spot detection

Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE

KAWASAKI is set to be one of the first motorcycle manufacturers to introduce Bosch Advanced Rider Assistance Systems (ARAS) on a motorcycle launched in 2021.

The new electronics package is an adaptation of the system Bosch Advanced Driver Assistance System used in the four wheeled industry for some time. The three systems are active at all times, meaning the assistance would constantly be monitoring the road ahead and behind for potential hazards.

The first system included in the package is adaptive cruise control, which allows the rider to set their bike’s speed to that of a vehicle in front of them. The bike will then monitor the gap to the car or van ahead through a series of radar detectors, maintaining a constant speed to the other vehicle. If they slow down, the bike will slow down and vice versa.

The collision warning system detects when a road user ahead presses their brake by tracking their brake lights. Once detected the bike will warn the rider through visual and audible warnings. How the system reacts to a vehicle with one or both brake lights not working – or those that leave rear fog lights on all the time – remains to be seen!

Like many modern cars, the blind spot detection system will warn the rider of a vehicle encroaching to the blindside of the rider through small lights set into the bike’s rear-view mirror.

The new system is set to launch in 2021 although Kawasaki are tight-lipped about which model it will be fitted to – an existing bike or an all new model. Visordown is willing to take a punt that the halo bike in the sports-touring segment would be a likely choice in the form of the H2 SX SE.