Acoustic cameras are being trialled on UK roads

Acoustic cameras have been spotted undergoing real-world trials on A32 near Loomies

Acoustic Cameras

ACOUSTIC cameras are now undergoing real-world testing in the south of England, as a makeshift acoustic ‘camera’ has been spotted up the road from Loomies.

The post found on Instagram shows a tall metal structure placed at the side of a rural looking road in the afternoon. On the opposite side of the road we can see a front garden or lawn. A road sign in the background showing that the camera is clearly located on the A32 close to Farnham.

The location of the camera is close to popular motorcycle meeting point and food venue Loomies Café. It’s possible that some of the residents local to the camera have made complaints to the council regarding motorcycle use on the road.

A notice accompanying the camera reads:

“The purpose of this trial is to determine whether a system of this type is capable of detecting vehicles emitting excessive noise levels or being driven in a way which creates excessive noise. This noise camera is measuring traffic characteristics and noise levels for the trial.

No enforcement action is being taken as a direct result of this trial

Data collected from the noise camera is subject to controls on access and processing, in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation principles. No information about drivers or vehicles owned will be obtained.”

While the act of rolling passed the camera site with the clutch in and the engine bouncing off the rev-limiter may seem like fun, it might not be a good idea. The trial will likely be a precursor to a permanent camera at that location, the only way that can be prevented is if low levels of vehicle noise are detected.

Probably best to clutch in and coast by or choose a high gear in that case!

Do you live near the site shown above or have you spotted another noise camera at another location? Let us know in the comments below!

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