Introducing the helmet brake light

Why has no one thought of this before?

HIGH-LEVEL brake lights are common on cars because they can be seen not just from the car behind but from the one behind that, too.

Meanwhile motorcycle tail lights remain stubbornly below wind-screen level, only visible to the driver immediately behind, when it’s us that can least afford to be in a pile-up.

So why has it taken this long for someone to think of putting one on the rider’s helmet?

‘Brake Free’ is a new wireless LED light that mounts on the back of exisiting helmets and uses sensors to detect every time you slow down as a result of engine braking, gear changes or applying the brakes.

The California-based company behind the idea, called BrakeFree Technologies, is crowdfunding for investment and taking pre-orders.


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And if you go on eBay and search for "motorcycle helmet brake light", you can choose from multiple different versions, available to buy today.

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I thought you'd left us. Great to see a comment from you again. Where have you been?
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Rogerborg, you're right, there are a few products available that try to solve the same problem. However, Brake Free is the only product that doesn't require you to mess with your wiring system. It is completely autonomous. We tested all available products and found out that they are all extremely hard to see in day light, where as Brake Free is brighter than most OEM motorcycle brake lights. So yes, there are really no "new" ideas, just better execution of those ideas.

one small correction to the article, we're based out of San Jose, California (not Florida :)
Thanks for the write up! Really appreciate it!

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