Indian Motorcycle reveals first of three tattoo inspired designs for the Chief

First of a series of three in the Indian x No Regrets collab, tattoo artist Mayonaize has his design come to life on the Indian Motorcycle Chief.

Indian Chief tattoo custom Mayonaize

OVER the next three months, three renowned tattoo artists - Mayonaize, Shige, & Carlos Torres - will be transferring their skills to the Indian Motorcycle Chief as part of the ‘Indian Motorcycle x No Regrets’ tattoo art collaboration. 

First up is Mayonaize, a New Zealand born artist who is living & working in Melbourne, Australia. Known for his bold calligraphic script designs and truly unique visual style, Mayo hand-painted his design onto large scale templates before they were photographed and rendered to the Chief by his exact specification. 

Speaking of his design with Indian Motorcycle, Mayo said:

“I think the most interesting part is the way that all the panels fit together on the bike. I love the machining of the bike as well, so I was really interested in hero-ing that. 

You don’t want to just do something that’s not related to the flow of the bike, there’s lines to a bike like there’s lines and flow to a body – the focal point of the bike would be the tank and the engine beneath, so you want to hero the parts of the body that are the most interesting, the motorcycle creates the composition for the piece rather than just trying to put a flat image on each panel. I wanted it to look like it was one piece over the whole bike.”

Due to be revealed ‘in the metal’ at a VIP event in London in Spring 2022, Mayo’s design will be joined by tattoo artists Shige & Carlos Torres, plus the winners of a public vote consisting of forty leading tattoo artists whose ideas will be made a reality in steel & paint in Autumn. 

Find out more about the Indian Test-Ride and Win tattoo competition,  where you could win a two-day tattoo session worth £5,000.

About the Indian July Featured Artist:

Mayonaize – Australia – Instagram ID: @mayonaize 

A contemporary fine artist, Mayonaize specialises in incorporating unique calligraphy script into his artwork. Graffiti has been a major influence on his eclectic oeuvre, creating an established profile within the Melbourne street-art scene.

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