If you’re planning a motorcycle tour, you need this website!

A new website has launched allowing travellers to check the travel conditions of all European countries quickly and easily

If you’re planning a motorcycle tour, you need this website!

WITH restrictions in England already eased significantly, and Scotland, Ireland, and Wales looking likely to follow suit, many will be beginning to think about getting out on the bike and enjoying a spot of touring.

Indeed, after what seems like an eternity locked down and indoors, getting out and exploring another country seems like the perfect antidote to the cabin fever of late.

The trouble is, with so many countries concentrated into a relatively compact space, all with their own rules and COVID-19 guidelines, it’s hard to know where you can, and cannot go.

To help out travellers, a new website has been launched called Reopen Europe, aimed at giving travellers all the travel information they need for all EU and EEC countries and regions.

Users select the desired destination country and the website gives the user information like freedom of movement, COVID-19 status, quarantine, and entry requirements. Travel by car, bus or motorcycle, train, plane or ship is taken into account. Even non-EU citizens can find a lot of information about valid travel restrictions here.

The website is operated by the EU directly, so it is updated as soon as a situation in a particular region changes, meaning users are getting the most up to date information available.

The new website could be a godsend for those planning a Euro tour although it may have even more use for motorcycle manufacturers. With a raft of new bike launches missed due to COVID-19, it’s likely that motorcycle makers will want to hit the ground running and make up for the lost time as soon as they can!

the new site can be found here: https://reopen.europa.eu/