Hull nurse foils motorcycle thief and recovers the bike

A nurse from Hull has prevented a motorcycle thief from making off with a bike after forcing the crook to ditch the machine

Hull nurse foils motorcycle thief and recovers the bike

A Hull nurse is being branded as a hero, after helping to prevent the theft of a motorcycle and assisting with the bike’s recovery.

Motorcycle riding nurse, Luis Assuncao, had been out visiting a friend earlier this week when he spotted the bike without plates being ridden in the area of east Hull.

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Rightly assuming the bike was stolen, Assuncao made it his mission to stop the theft and assist with returning the machine with its rightful owner.

After the rider mounted the pavement, Assuncao realised that the risk level was rising far too quickly and that the only way to stop the rider was to make a citizen’s arrest.

Shouting to the perp’ that he was a copper, adding for him to drop the bike. Amazingly, they did. Before making off and leaving the bike on the street.

Shortly after, Assuncao flagged down a passing police car (remember them?) and notified them of what had happened. The police then took the bike away which is a bittersweet ending. Yes, the owner will have to cough up some cash to get it back, but at least the bike wasn’t left on the street for the scrote and his mates to come back and collect.

Speaking of the incident to HullLive, Luis Assuncao said:

"If it was my bike being stolen, I would want someone to do the same for me.

"You work so hard to get yourself a bike, but you are always having to check over your shoulder to ensure that no one is taking it.

"I have a garage at home but if I go anywhere else, I feel scared that someone is taking it.

"This has been happening so often, I have seen three bikes being stolen over the last month and a half. When you see three 14-year-olds riding a bike, it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out it is stolen."