Hooligan biker lands himself an ASBO

Teen given wrap after a year of annoying locals

A SIXTEEN year old tearaway has become the first biker in the UK to be handed an Antisocial Behaviour Order (ASBO) to put the brakes on his motoring madness.

Luther Smith, 16, also known as Luther Ankonum, formerly of Hambledon Place, Peterlee, regularly rode his trials bike in the town's Passfield Park and in the grounds of nearby schools, Durham Magistrates' Court heard.

Many residents were frightened to make statements, but police invoked hearsay rules which allow complaints to be heard in court without the person's name being revealed.

Ironically, Smith's mother bought the trials bike as a present for her son because a previous spate of bad behaviour had ended.

"He started off in February of last year making trouble outside and inside Bell's Stores in Grampian Drive," said Pc Mick Hayton.

"He went quiet for about six months and then we started to get calls about nuisance motorcycling.

"On one occasion, Smith rode round and round a man who was walking his dog. It was almost sinister and the victim was understandably very upset."

Pc Hayton added that between October and December of last year, police received complaints "almost daily" of nuisance motorcycling.

Martin Scarborough, for Smith, said his client is now homeless and hopes to make a new start with the help of various support agencies.

Mr Scarborough said the granting of an Asbo was no longer opposed because he and the police had come to an agreement over its terms.

Durham Magistrates imposed a two-year Asbo banning Smith from Bells Stores in Grampian Way, and from St Bede's and Shotton Hall schools.

He must not ride a motorcycle anywhere in a way which could cause alarm or distress, and he must not personally harass or abuse anyone.

Bench chairwoman Pat Baxter warned Smith: "One breach and it could be custody."