Honda hits the high street with Forever21

Is motorcycling about to become fashionable?

THINK of successful motorcycle manufacturer and fashion brand partnerships...

Triumph and Barbour? Diesel and Ducati?

But Honda and the high street? That's a new one, even to us.

F21xHonda is the new collaboration between popular US high street chain Forever 21 and, you guessed it, Honda. 

Featuring bold, 1980s-style graphics, bright colours and cropped cuts, the Honda clothes are very much à la mode. And reasonable cheap too, with tee-shirts costing from just $16 (£11.40) and hoodies from $28 (£20).

Unfortunately for British fans, the range is only available in the US - for the moment. 

And those US buyers are even in with the chance of winning an actual Honda, just by sharing a photo of their new threads on Instagram...

However, it appears that not all motorcyclists are fans, with many taking to social media to criticise the collaboration.

On Forever21's 'RACE TO THE FINISH' YouTube video, Hatvey Mushmen wrote: 'Makes me want to sell all my Hondas.'

Meanwhile, on Instagram, @Blainejoseph12 commented: 'This is a insult to everyone who owns and/or actually rides dirt bikes on a normal basis. It’s actually saddening.'

Whether you love it or hate it, you can't blame Honda for trying to appeal to a hip, new audience...