Hein Gericke in administration...again

Only three UK shops remain open for business

HEIN Gericke are back in administration for the second time in 17 months.

After being saved by the German Hein Gericke Group last year, store numbers decreased from 49 to 16. Those 16 have now decreased to three where only the Glasgow, Stockwell and Farnborough branches are open for business.

Staff at the clothing and accessory retailer were told to go home by administrators and informed that they were no longer employed by the company.

The 13 remaining shops have been shut down and the company's website homepage is currently showing: ‘offline for maintenance’.

Customers who have purchased vouchers with a credit card are advised to contact their credit card company for a refund as even the remaining stores open for business will not be accepting vouchers.

Currently 85 shops across Europe have closed resulting in 164 employees losing their jobs.

A staff member spoke out saying: “all of us have lost our jobs and that’s the end.

“I am obviously upset but many of us are concerned because we have been selling vouchers in the lead up to Christmas but it doesn’t look like anyone is going to be able to get them honoured now.” 

Parent company Hein Gericke GmbH have said they are working hard to find new finance and investors.