Council releases video of seized motorcycles being crushed

Warning against giving motorcycles as ‘presents to young people’

A VIDEO of seized bikes being crushed has been released as a warning against buying young people motorcycles for Christmas.

Doncaster Council says around 50 motorcycles are seized a year and the number spikes after Christmas.

The reason is often because the bikes are being ridden illegally on public footpaths or through fields, according to the council.

The video shows 12 bikes being destroyed on behalf of the council and South Yorkshire Police.

The council said: 'Every year Christmas time sees a spike in the number of bikes seized.

'Often it is because motorbikes are given as presents to young people who think they can be ridden on the tracks, byways, parklands, and school fields. But this is illegal and is often a big cause of anti-social behaviour.

'With Christmas just around the corner, the Council wants to urge people only to use them at the purpose built tracks where all the health and safety structures and processes are in place.'

Councillor Joe Blackham, Doncaster Council’s Cabinet Member for Enforcement, said: “We are not against people riding motorbikes as long as it is safely and of no nuisance to others.

“Clearly, riding the bikes along public footpaths and the like is illegal. For this reason, Doncaster Council and South Yorkshire Police do have the powers to permanently seize bikes – around 50 are seized each year - and take action if bikes are being ridden illegally. But, we want to try and prevent it getting to this stage and encourage users to ride them on purpose built tracks.”