Harley boss reaffirms ion horse commitment

Harley is now well down the path of creating a battery bike

Harley boss reaffirms ion horse commitment

HARLEY-Davidson, known only and well for producing big lumps of metal, is still hurling down the path of electric bikes in order to attract a young audience by producing an ion horse.

Big chief Matt Levatich said earlier this year that Harley would produce a battery-bike prototype by the middle of 2019 and has confirmed the plan is on course.

“We are progressing to that plan and we are excited about that product. We continue to see electric vehicles as a tremendous opportunity,” said Levatich.

“These motorcycles are easier to ride than bicycles, they lend themselves to urban environments where our product is maybe less targeted or less suited.

“They are suited to a generation of people that don't have the mechanical depth of experience that maybe boomers had with manual transmissions and clutches.”

Meaning youngsters are the target audience. It’s a smart move by Harley to try and get their brand properly in front of twenty-somethings who may only have seen their products ridden by bearded wonders or in Sons of Anarchy.

Which, if you haven’t watched, you should…