Guy Martin is at it again, aiming for 300mph on his turbo Hayabusa in one mile

Guy Martin must sit at his table every morning and think “which motorcycle record am I going to break today, then?”

Guy Martin Turbo Busa

GUY MARTIN is at it again, this time he’s trying to break the one mile speed record achieved on his custom turbocharged Hayabusa. At this stage, he’s setting and breaking his own records, and the latest target: 300mph / 452kph. 

He’s previously said that the 300mph goal is worth dying for, and so far his attempts have got him to 255mph, 270mph, and 282mph from a standing start within a mile, all atop his customised Suzuki Hayabusa that he bought from a mate in 2018. 

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This Hayabusa has been customised to the nines with a top speed in mind, fitted with a turbocharger and tuned for maximum speed, he’ll have 830bhp to play with to reach his target speed. 

The ‘Busa will be heading to Elvington runway, where he has previously set his records, and being a fairly adept mechanic and Isle of Man TT racer (with a huge list of accolades under his belt, including: breaking the wall of death speed record live on TV, and topping 376mph in a Triumph Streamliner, and recreating the iconic Great Escape jump) he’s just the man for the job. 

Will any speed ever satisfy Guy Martin?

Consider that he said “Even though the TT is very extreme, it was still the same circuit and the same routine every year”. That’s right, the race most us of would consider the most terrifying in the world is, to Guy, rather monotonous. 

To get his Hayabusa to the hallowed 300mph mark, he’s looking at every possible refinement to gather the additional 18mph.

“It’s only 16 seconds, the whole thing is only 16 seconds. It is just gritting you teeth and trying to manhandle this monster down a mile track. It’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. It’s just madness, it’s a wrestling match in every area, physically, mentally, everything.”

“… I can’t sleep for two days when I’ve been fast on that bike. 250mph is alright, but when I’ve been like 260mph or 280mph, I can’t sleep for two days. For two days, I’m wired”.

Fiar play. Best of luck on the attempt Guy, remember to keep your Visordown… sorry, had to. 
If you do it we’ll go around the Visordown community and get you a few pints in, once the pubs are back open!