Guy Martin breaks Wall of Death speed record live on TV

Martin smashes previous record by over 18mph to wall-ride into the record books

GUY MARTIN last night broke the world speed record for riding the wall of death when he hit 78.15mph live on Channel 4.

The road racer and presenter secured a place in the Guinness World Record books during his first run out on the wall, when he rode a modified Indian Scout to a top speed of 70.33mph, surpassing the previous record of 60mph.

A second run allowed Martin to further secure his record when took his home-built BSA R3 to a faster-still 78.15mph.

At the end of his second run on the BSA, Guy seemed like he wanted to go again for a higher-still top speed, but Channel 4 presenter Steve Jones told him there wasn’t enough time.

Afterwards, Guy said that the G-force caused him to momentarily lose his vision. It was confirmed that Guy pulled 5.2g while riding the specially built wall, which was 40m in diameter – the largest wall of death ever built.

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