Guy Martin hits 270.965mph at Elvington

Ex TT racer Guy Martin has achieved 270.965mph riding a turbo-charged Suzuki Hayabusa at Elvington airfield this week

Guy Martin

TV personality, ex-TT racer and well know speed freak Guy Martin, has taken part in a Straightliners event at Elvington airfield this week, reaching over 270mph on a tuned and turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa.

Originally posted on Instagram six days ago by Steve McDonald Photography, the post accompanying the picture reads:

“Guy Martin and his Holeshot270 Suzuki Hayabusa turbo achieve an incredible 270.965mph over the standing start mile at Elvington runway 26 @Straighliners_events this week.”

The post includes a picture of his results sheet that confirms Guy’s time and speeds along with his finishing position of 1st place in the class, his race number which is ‘8’ of course and the date the attempt took place the 10/09/19.

This isn’t the first time Guy has visited the airfield, which is famous for hosting straight-line speed racing and UK and world record attempts, he also visited there back in June this year, hitting a claimed 257mph on that visit.

Guy also appeared at the Road Racing Ireland Ballykelly North West Speed Trials in May this year riding one of Holeshot racing’s highly tuned turbocharged Hayabusa’s again for that event.

Guy is no stranger to speed records, having held (or still holds) the record for the fastest speed on a gravity-powered snow sled, the fastest speed in a soapbox, highest speed on a wall of death and also the fastest speed attained in a hovercraft.

As most of Guy’s speed-related exploits end up being cast across the ‘Speed with Guy Martin’ TV series, it seems fair to assume that this story will be blasted out across Channel 4 soon!

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