Guy Martin on 300mph record bid: "If you get it wrong, it kills you. Fantastic!"

In the latest video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Guy Martin talks about his 300mph record attempt and being willing to die to achieve it.

Guy Martin on his 300mph record progress

Guy Martin is a guy that’s got a tale to tell, and I’m sure we’d all love to share a few pints with him. In the newest video uploaded to his channel, he details his progress and reasoning behind the 300mph record that’s in the works, his ultra-enduro mountain bike racing history, a bit on his superbike history. 

It’s a great watch, and he’s doing it (in part) to plug his new book that’s available - he’s sold over a million books, which is a huge achievement in itself. But book sales is not what he's after here, sights are set on much quicker targets.

His main goal at the moment, he says, is to achieve 300 mph. If you weren’t aware, Guy is trying to get from a standing start to 300mph on his custom turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa, and he’s trying to do it without getting in the same trouble as his predecessors. 

So as he says, both men that done it are both dead. And clearly, you can’t compare notes with a dead person. It's matter of fact, but he’s got a point - and it by no means deters him from trying more.

Speaking about the 300mph attempt in the video, Guy says “There’s no-one you can really go to [for tips], cause no-one has done this. And anyone that was bloody good is dead - I love that. That if you get it wrong, it kills you. That’s what I think - that’s fantastic. That’s worth doing, ain’t it?” 

“There’s nothing like this, like when I’ve been fast, I cannot sleep for two days”.

That says it all, really. He’s always been about speed, and following his stint in superbike racing and many TT laps, he still somehow got bored of it. It wasn’t exciting enough for him, he was looking for the next thrill already - he’s got an almost insatiable need for speed, this Guy. 

But he says it himself, he hates unfinished business. This record attempt isn’t going to be a project that he drops along the way, he’s all in. 

Truly terrifying for the majority of us, but something tells me the Grimsby-born lad is made of tougher stuff than most....

"If you get it wrong, it kills you. That's fantastic" - Guy Martin

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