Guy Martin gunning for 300mph on modified Suzuki Hayabusa

Guy Martin is coming out of lockdown fast, as he aims to break 300mph riding his modified Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle

Guy Martin

FORMER TT racer and TV personality Guy Martin has spent his time in lockdown wisely, as his highly modified Suzuki Hayabusa is nearly complete, and he plans to break 300mph on thing in 2021!

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And the Lincolnshire star isn’t just doing this for fun, he’s attempting a UK land speed record in the process. To do it he has enlisted the help of an army of specialists to crate the bike, from land speed racing specialists HoleShot Racing, to motorcycle fairing paint specialists Spraybay.

Beneath the fairings, the Hayabusa is far from stock, with the boosted ‘Busa reportedly pushing out an eye-watering 860bhp. Guy is hoping that the changes made during the globe’s enforced lockdown will be enough to find the extra handful of miles per hour required to smash the 300mph mark – he’s already done 274.2mph!

Guy Martin thanks those that have helped his Hayabusa record attempt

The record Guy is trying to break is the standing start, one-mile maximum speed. So from zero to 300mph in one mile. For reference, you can max out supercharged Kawasaki H2 in one mile – I know as I’ve done it – and you’ll still only be doing 190mph!

But it’s not like this is anything new to ‘Our Guy’ (as the TV man likes to call him), there is already a shelf full of record with Guy Martin engraved on them including, fastest speed on a gravity-powered snow sled, highest speed on a wall of death, fastest soapbox, fastest tractor (modified).

Guy’s latest attempt is likely to take place at Elvington airfield at some point this year. We’ll keep you posted on how he gets on!

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