First Look: Kawasaki ZX-10R 'White'

Kawasaki's flagship sportsbike gets the 'limited edition' treatment

Only 50 Ninja Whites are destined for the German market

YOU'RE LOOKING at the limited edition Kawasaki ZX-10R White, which has been introduced by Kawasaki for the German market only.

The bike's decked out in a snazzy white paint job, has a carbon-fibre Akrapovic exhaust end can, mini indicators and arguably tasteful sticker kit. In true limited edition form, the 'White' also comes adorned with an yoke-mounted numbered plaque; just 50 machines will be imported by Kawasaki Germany.

The White costs an extra 345 euros more than the standard 2009 machine, taking the overall price in Germany to just shy of 13,990 euros (£13,000).