Fire-stricken Hartside cafe could become a 'Mecca for petrol-heads'

New plans to knock down and rebuild a fire-ravaged Hartside biker cafe have been unveiled.

Hartside Cafe

The new plans that have recently emerged are being called a "Mecca for petrol-heads". 

Hartside Cafe between Alston and Penrith was a top stop-off point for bikers because of its views of the Lake District and North Pennines - two areas of outstanding natural beauty. 

In March 2018 the cafe was destroyed by fire and put up for sale by its owners priced at just over £300,000.

Recently it has been bought by property developer Dawn Dixon who told the BBC she plans to build a new "cult" cafe. 

The cafe is located at the top Hartside summit, 1,903ft above sea level and Mrs Dixon said it had been an "icon" because of its views of southern Scotland and the Lakes.

She and her two sons (aged 27 and 30) are planning to knock down the stricken old cafe and build an ultra-modern, environmentally-friendly new one in steel and glass.

Mrs Dixon said: "I'm local, born and bred, and am keen that the cafe reopens because it attracts thousands and thousands of visitors.

"Weather-wise we are in the lap of the Gods because the site is so high up but so popular because the views just literally blow you away.

"We are very excited and want the cafe to be a Mecca for petrol-heads once more. We are also planning to build an underground bunker at the site with a sauna and jacuzzi for travellers."

If Mrs Dixon obtains planning permission from Eden District Council this year, the new and improved Hartside Cafe will reopen in May 2020.

Also, she has asked Hairy Bikers chefs Simon King and Dave Myers - local to Barrow-in-Furness - to create a new signature burger for the cafe. Yummy.