Fiji police spend £1M on bikes

A million quid's worth of Yamahas...

Fiji police spend £1M on bikes

FIJI IS a small island in the south Pacific known for being utterly beautiful and producing monstrous rugby players like Lote Tuqiri

Now it has a £1M-strong fleet of bikes in its police force after they were unveiled by the police commissioner in a ceremony yesterday.

“We had set out a target of acquiring 130 motorbikes to meet the demands placed on our services so we could manoeuvre through the heavy traffic and improve our response time,  said Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho.

“That target has been achieved and today is the culmination of the several hours of meetings and negotiations, the late night calls and emails to say the least.”

The motorbikes were handed over to Fiji Police by Asco Motors through their Yamaha Riding Academy in Suva.