Falklands veteran Simon Weston and Norman Hyde need your help

Falklands veteran and charity fundraiser Simon Weston is looking realise his lifetime ambition of riding a motorcycle

Simon Weston Falklands

FALKLANDS veteran and now charity fundraiser Simon Weston is looking to realise his lifetime of riding a motorcycle, with a little bit of help from Triumph motorcycles, Norman Hyde, Trike Design and the great British biking public.

Weston always had a dream of riding a motorcycle, although his mother during his younger years would never allow him to sample the two-wheeled world.

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After undergoing 70 operations as a result of his ship, RFA Sir Galahad, being bombed in the Falklands war, Weston’s dream of riding looked like it was over. The injuries he sustained now prevent him from using conventional hand controls.

That was until Weston had a chance meeting with legendary tuner and land-speed racer Norman Hyde. The two met at an event and go chatting, with Weston admitting that we longed to get on a bike of some sort.

A plan was hatched, and Hyde sought the help of Trike Design, who have agreed to help with the construction of the bike. The machine will not be a conventional three-wheeler, as it will also require significant modifications to the controls to allow Simon to use them safely.

But with the cost of the build estimated to run to around £25,000, Weston and Hyde have turned to crowdfunding to help complete the build of the bike. The machine is a Bonneville T120, kindly donated by Triumph, although for the remainder it is hope the UK public can help out.

To read more about Simon’s story or to donate, head to: justgiving.com/crowdfunding/simonwestontrike