Ducati is inviting you to Ride As One this Saturday

Ducati invites its Ducatisti to their local dealerships for a new one-day “We Ride As One” event in May, including a parade.

Ducati We Ride As One poster. - Ducati Media

On 7 May, Ducati invites its fans to their local Ducati dealer for a “We Ride As One” event in anticipation of the World Ducati Week later this month

Ducati’s “We Ride As One” event will bring Ducati fans and riders to their respective local dealers to celebrate the brand on 7 May, and participate in a parade through the streets of the city of each dealer. 

In a press release, Ducati says “We Ride As One” is a “new format designed by the company to allow communities of enthusiasts in every city to meet, get to know each other and celebrate together their passion for Ducati in all its shades.”

The press release continues, “Ducati dealerships on the five continents have customised the event in every detail, creating a unique program for each city.”

The Ducati Official Clubs (DOC) have also been involved in making this event happen. Ducati says, “Thanks also to the help of the 322 Ducati Official Clubs, many initiatives and activities will give life to a memorable experience under the banner of the Rosse of Borgo Panigale.”

The aforementioned parade, Ducati says, will be the “key moment” of the day, “which will see Ducati bikes ride through and colour in red the most evocative streets of the main cities around the world.” 

The idea of the event is to build a sense of community around Ducati, and according to the manufacturer, the parade will be the most important part of the day in this aspect. Ducati says, “The parade will be a moment in which every Ducatista and passionate motorcyclist will have the opportunity to feel like a protagonist and part of a community that shares the same passion.”

To find out more about “We Ride As One,” including how to take part in it, you can contact your local dealer, which you can find using the search tool on Ducati’s website, here.