Ducati announces Turn-by-Turn navigation for 2023 DesertX, Diavel V4

Turn-by-Turn navigation will be coming to the Ducati DesertX in 2023, which will be the first Ducati model to receive the feature.

MY22_Ducati_DesertX _87__UC356394_High.jpg

Ducati has announced Turn-by-Turn navigation will be arriving to two of its models in 2023: the DesertX and Diavel V4.

The DesertX was one of Ducati’s standout additions to its range in 2022, and its first real foray into the off-road world. 

Ducati has followed up the DesertX with the Multistrada V4 Rally as a second off-road focused option, but it is also bringing new features to the DesertX. 

One such new feature for 2023 is the arrival of Turn-by-Turn navigation for the Ducati DesertX. An increasingly common feature, especially on long-distance bikes (adventure, touring, adventure-touring), 2023 model year DesertX units will be the first bikes in Ducati’s range to have Turn-by-Turn navigation. 

The navigation will use the bike’s TFT display to show directions which will be streamed to it from the Ducati Link app on the rider’s phone. 
The feature is not standard, but can be purchased as an option. This is perhaps not the best news for people who were looking to buy a DesertX, but for those who already own one it means the feature can be added retroactively. 

Another update for 2023 on the DesertX is a new paint option, with the “RR22” livery becoming available. This is the same livery as applied to the DesertX ridden by Danilo Petrucci in a demo last year in Sardegna alongside Audi’s RS Q e-tron Dakar racer.

The Ducati DesertX will not be the only bike from the Bologna brand to receive Turn-by-Turn navigation in 2023, as the feature will also be made available on the upcoming Diavel V4.

Whether Ducati has plans to bring Turn-by-Turn navigation to its Multistrada is currently unclear, but it would certainly be well-placed on the adventure-tourer.

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