Ducati 2018 launch weekend

UK dealers running special season opening events nationwide

Ducati 2018 launch weekend

Okay, the weather was better yesterday (here in London at least), but you've still got a chance to get along to your local Ducati dealer in the UK, for a leer at the new 2018 range. Ducati's V4 is a pretty stunning beastie, and if you've not cast a glance over one, it's worth the trip. And most dealers are also offering test rides too – woooo…

We'll mention a couple of dealers – Ducati Glasgow is in Hillington just off the M8, and their massive flash new premises is worth a visit for the coffee alone. At the other end of the country, Moto Rapido in Winchester is run by our chum Steve Moore, and is also the home of the famed BSB team.

All the UK dealers are open this afternoon – so get out there!

More info here.