Dougie Lampkin rides through ice hotel on his trials bike

Trials rider takes on Lapland

RED BULL has released a video of Dougie Lampkin taking on a giant igloo in Lapland on his trials bike.

The English trials riding legend takes on a combination of trees, frozen lakes, ice blocks, and finally the 'Snow Village' ice hotel in the seven-minute-long ‘Tundra Trial’ video.

The 16-metre-high dome is made from 350,000kg of ice and has a 28-room ‘Snow Hotel’ for guests. It even has a 50-seat ice chapel for weddings.

Red Bull said the original plan was to film the whole shoot indoors, but when the crew arrived in Finland they realised it would have been a missed opportunity to not make use of the surrounding landscape.

Lampkin said: ‘I’ve been riding for a lot of years now in so many countries, on so many different types of terrain, but I have never ridden on ice and snow,

‘I’ve always pushed myself in my career and now that I am not riding in so many competitions, this was the perfect chance to once again take me out of my comfort zone.’

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