Dangerous driver convicted as a result of helmet cam footage

The BMW driver was handed 6 points and a hefty fine

A DANGEROUS driver has been prosecuted as a result of a motovlogger's helmet cam footage. 

Back in April 2017, the vlogger, who goes by the name of 'Beginner Biker Adventures', filmed a BMW speeding through a red light on the wrong side of the road. 

After reporting the incident and sharing the footage with the MET police, he all but forgot about the incident.

That was until eight months later, when he recieved a letter from the force's Traffic Prosecution Service, thanking him for his assistance in the matter. 

According to the document, the driver was handed six penalty points and forced to pay a £239 fine, £100 victim surcharge and £30 costs. 

Sharing the letter in a vlog about the incident, he announced: 'So there you have it. Justice was served and the BMW stereotype has been upheld.'

Visordown has contacted Beginner Biker Adventures and the MET police for comment.