Custom motorcycle | Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 RS from Crazy Garage

80s road race inspired custom Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 from South Korean Crazy Garage - what a makeover!

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Racer Crazy Garage
Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Racer Crazy Garage

TAKING inspiration from the 80s road racing era, and the ‘AMA’ superbike races for naked bikes, the guys from Crazy Garage in South Korea have morphed the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 into something quite special.

Kim Chi-Hyun (and Crazy Garage) is well known to build incredible custom (&) race bikes, and he didn’t just build this GT 650 RS for the style - he’s planning on riding it at the Korea International Circuit, where he is hosting the Retro Racer Trophy time trial race.

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Aditya Malaker, part of the Royal Enfield custom team, said:

“The brief was simple: build a custom motorcycle that is unique to your style, keeping the original DNA of the Continental GT, and ready to take to the track!”

“We were looking to collaborate on a one-off build in that region, and Crazy Garage stood out. When we eventually reached out to Kim, he jumped on the opportunity and the ‘GT 650 RS’ was born.”

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 - Crazy Garage custom

Royal Enfield Crazy Garage custom Continental
Royal Enfield Crazy Garage custom Continental

When speaking about the build - named simply ‘GT 650 RS’ - Kim Chi-Hyun (founder of Crazy Garage) said his favourite part to design was the 9 Litre tank, which he placed towards the rear of the bike under the seat, with a custom thin-gauge steel custom ‘tank’ being placed in the traditional place you’d expect it.

He also specifically mentions the frame and engine are well designed, and the perfect foundation for building his GT 650 racer - something we’ve found said by previous bike-builders. The 648cc twin is still present, albeit uprated S&S Cycle parts: high compression pistons (compression increases from 9.5 to 11:1), a hot cam, heavy-duty clutch and Dynojet Power Commander tuning (compensating for the air filter delete) to get it out of the blocks quick. 

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 RS
Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 RS

The exhaust is a custom double-barrelled (GP style) free-flowing system, there’s a Dynojet quick-shifter, and handlebar shifter to adjust the ignition map easily. Oil cooler moved to the front of the bike, race-spec lines added, and the Evaporation Emission Cannister and pulse air valve removed. 

The single-sided swingarm is from a 90s Honda VFR400R (or the NC30), with Ohlins USD fork and TTX shock. Ducati triple clamps are used, and uprated Brembo brakes fitted with air ducts! The dash is minimal, race-styled and clean. The paintwork is stunning. It’s all just top work, we love it.

Is there anything not to like about this? Great job, look forward to seeing it on track.

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