Custom Harley-Davidson signed by the Pope sells for…

A custom gold-plated Harley-Davidson motorcycle has sold at auction for a quite the sum; The money raised with help deprived children. 

Pope Harley-Davidson

The trick looking custom Hog signed by Pope Francis fetched a sum total of £42,000 at auction.  

Although Harley-Davidson’s might be more associated with Hell [thanks to the Hells Angles], this ride is a somewhat different type of angel. 

The bike - dubbed “Holy-Davidson” by the auctioneer Bonhams - was fabricated in Würzburg, Germany, for the Jesus Bikers group in Austria. After it’s completion it was then gifted over to the Pontifical Mission Societies. 

It was the brainchild of Jesus Bikers group founder Dr Thomas Draxler, and the money raised would then be donated to Catholic overseas missions. 

The proceeds of the bike’s sale - which was expected to raise between £50,000 and £100,000 at the Stafford auction - will be used to build an orphanage in Uganda to help abandoned and deprived children. 

The Harley, which was actually called “White Unique” was slightly shy of its estimate but has still been sold. However, the money raised is a fraction of that raised by a similar pope signed build in 2014, which totalled £208,399. 

The 1,570cc gold-plated Harley was signed by Pope Francis in St Peters Square last July. Beneath the papal signature sits a pearlescent white colour scheme, with Mexican-American style barbed wire detailing and a sunken cross. 

You may be wondering how the Austrian Jesus Bikers group managed to get this God-loving Harley signed by His Holiness? Well, somehow they organised White Unique to feature in the holy convoy. 

Admittedly, I thought anything signed by the man closest to God would sell for a lot more than £42,000… and perhaps somewhere more exotic than Stafford. 

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