Country road popular with bikers oil-slicked for the second time in 10 months

In a similar incident to one which happened on the same road last year, oil has been poured on the L218 road, loved by bikers, in the German hills.

Country road popular with bikers oil-slicked for the second time in 10 months

A person has apparently poured edible fat on a mountain road which is popular among bikers in Germany, but it is not the first time this road in particular has been targeted. 

You may remember last year we wrote about a “lunatic” who had thrown cooking fat on a hairpin on the L218 road near Nideggen in western Germany.

The road is also known as the “Panorama Road”, thanks to its awesome views as it winds through the German hills. 

The case of the “lunatic” was last October, and 10 months on the same thing appears to have happened again.

Motorcycles News reports that a glass bottle filled with “edible fat” had been thrown onto the very same road, which they note is “popular with motorcyclists.”

When the incident occurred last year, it was deemed that it presented a danger to all road users, but of course the nature of riding a motorcycle means those tackling the L218 on two wheels are at an even greater risk than those with four. 

As last year, the incident was dealt with by the local volunteer fire brigade. It was cleaned up on 14 August, but the similarity of the incident causes concern that the person responsible for the first incident was also responsible for the second one. 

Similarly to before, it is proof once more that there is a distinct hatred for and prejudice towards motorcyclists and motorcycling culture from those who exist outside of it.

Additionally, the similarity to the previous incident on the same road means that it is just as difficult to punish the person responsible, because it is almost impossible to identify them. Perhaps the repetition of such a similar and dangerous incident will lead to a more intensive police investigation.

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