Council leaves motorcycle parking bay in wrong place for a year and a half

Council responded to resident’s request by installing a motorcycle parking bay on wrong street, then left it there for 18 months

A MOTORCYCLE parking bay put in the wrong place is finally being moved to the correct location after a year and a half.
Bath and North East Somerset Council was responding to a request from a resident when it installed the bay in 2014 but put it in the wrong road by mistake.
Now the council has finally recommended it be moved to where should have gone, on Bath’s Foxcombe Road instead of Warwick Road, reports the Bath Chronicle.
Conservative councillor Anthony Clarke told the paper: "The fact of the matter is there were more pressing items that had to be sorted."
Lib Dem councillor Caroline Roberts said in December 2015 that the bay had cost about £500 to install and would cost less to remove.


snave's picture

So, the council staff make a mistake, then there are more pressing `items that had to be sorted` ?

Perhaps they could recover the cost by firing the incompetent cretins responsible for putting it it the wrong place in the first place?

I would suggest this is likely to be just the tip of an `incompetency iceberg` that implies millions of pounds overspent and/or mismanaged and JUST the sort of `pressing item` that needs to be on the very top of the agenda in these parsimonious times.
Just remind us how much `conservative councillor` (and all-round sanctiomonious git) Anthony Clarke gets paid, again..?

Don't worry, once the EU is out of the way, this kind of mistake will never happen again.

It might help if this council employed people who could actually read and write a street name, I mean, how hard can it be?

snave's picture

It's not like the street names were even remotely similar....

Bit like mistaking `Bath and North East Somerset Council` for `Brainless and No Good Scum Copping out`

I mean, spot the similarities..?

BubbaDaytona's picture

This will get fixed once you kick out all the foreigners and find some guy to lead the country. I hear Rowan Atkinson is available.
Still jealous you have posh motorcycle parking bays.

Tenchman7's picture

Pretty sure i saw some Tumbleweed blowing through this site today!
Could be the most exciting thing to have happened on here in a long time!

Sonny Jim's picture

Conservative councillor Anthony Clarke told the paper: "The fact of the matter is there were more pressing items that had to be sorted."

What, like who's round is it? Shall we do golf today or Friday? fiddle the expenses bill again?

I hope this guy shows his face come the next local election. When he knocks on your door begging for your vote, you can say "Sorry, I have more pressing items that have to be sorted!!"

Keith J's picture

To paint a few lines was £500? I want that job!!

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