BMW puts its new G310 R in a comic

Nice. Now how about putting the bike in showrooms?
BMW puts its new G310 R in a comic

SOME bikes look the designer took inspiration from a comic. BMW has done it the other way round, making its forthcoming G310 R the star of a new ‘graphic novel’.
‘Riders in the Storm’ features a policewoman inspired by tattooed German model Makani Terror, an ‘out-of-the-ordinary street artist’ and a ‘wolf with exceptional powers’. Well, it can ride a motorcycle. That’s pretty exceptional for a wolf.
All battle evil while riding BMW’s forthcoming 34hp 313cc single. Let’s hope the bad guys don’t have big bikes.
Riders in the Storm was announced on Saturday at the Comic Con fair in Stuttgart, Germany, where a real-life G310 R with graphics from the comic was also on show.
The comic is the work of Croatian author Darko Macan and Italian illustrator Riccardo Burchielli, who has worked for DC Comics and Marvel. It’s due to be published in limited numbers this October.
All very nice, but we can’t help wishing BMW would get on with launching the bike itself. Latest word from the German manufacturer is that we won’t see it until September.
A BMW press release said: ‘From now on, BMW Motorrad not only travels the roads of the real world but pursues fictional paths, too. In collaboration with the publisher Panini Verlags GmbH, a graphic novel entitled “Riders in the Storm” is currently being created with publication planned for October 2016.’
Dr Ralf Rodepeter, BMW Motorrad’s Head of Marketing and Product Management, said: “Many of us have been familiar with comics since childhood, and we have seen superheroes and fantasy worlds adapted for the big screen, too. The people behind these stories are equally fascinating. Riccardo Burchielli is a motorcycling enthusiast himself and through him we are able to provide insights into how a comic story comes into being. And of course we ensure his heroes are equipped with suitable bikes.”