Could this hinged helmet revolutionise lid design?

This helmet opens up at the rear and does away with a chin strap

THIS is the just-launched RS 1.0 helmet which features a unique hinged shell system that is going to revolutionize helmet design, claims the maker, Australian company Vozz

The RS 1.0 opens up at the rear, so instead of putting it on like a traditional lid, the shell closes shut over the head before locking together.

Vozz claims that its patented ‘Vozztec’ opening system offers several benefits over traditional full-face helmets. Because the opening at the bottom of the shell doesn’t need to be wide enough to accept a head, Vozz says its helmet offers a much closer fit compared to a traditional lid. Consequently, the RS 1.0 doesn’t have a chinstrap, but instead features an adjustable ‘chin cup.’

The helmet’s maker say its design means reduced wind noise because it’s harder for wind to get inside the helmet and that because of the RS 1.0’s fit and aerodynamic shape, users won’t experience buffeting at high speed.

It’s got DOT and ECE certification, and is certified for use in Australia and New Zealand. Currently it’s only available in Australia and costs $888, but according to the Vozz website and its Facebook page, it will be available elsewhere round the world next year.

So if your local bike shop started stocking these, would you consider buying one?

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