Charley Boorman learns about life on 3-wheels

Media motorcycle megastar to try out a sidecar in his latest adventure

No Wallace and Grommit jokes, please

ACTOR AND adventurer Charley Boorman visited Watsonian-Squire, the longest established sidecar manufacturer in the world, for an intensive training session to learn how to
drive a sidecar outfit, in preparation for his forthcoming expedition.

"Usually experienced motorcyclists have trouble adapting to driving and outfit, but
Charley took to it like a duck to water," comments Ben Matthews, Watsonian's Sales

Charley will be using a sidecar outfit to journey through Russia as part of his
latest adventure, "By Any Means", for which he plans to travel from Dublin in
Ireland to Sydney, Australia, by any means of transport.

Watsonian provided Charley with a 500cc Royal Enfield paired with a GP Manx sidecar,
which is an ideal combination to develop the skills required to pilot an outfit.

The team will set off on their journey in April and return in August and "By Any
Means" be shown on BBC2 this autumn.