Cake Kalk - a poachers nightmare. Electric motorcycle used as anti-poaching bike

A joint initiative from Cake & Southern Africa Wildlife College to combat poaching in conservation areas, using this solar-powered electric motorcycle.

Cake Kalk AP Electric Bush Bike to be used for anti-poaching

Specifically designed for anti-poaching rangers in South Africa patrolling conservation areas, the Swedish Cake Kalk electric motorcycle has been developed and introduced to the Southern Africa Wildlife College (SAWC) for immediate use. 

Based on the original Cake Kalk platform, the Kalk AP (for Anti-Poaching) is powered by an electric motor rated for 10kW (13.5 bhp) output, with roughly a 50-mile range.

Modified for use by the rangers, all plastic parts on the Electric Bush Bike are converted to Trifilon’s biocomposites, drivetrain software tweaked for extreme torque and moderate top speed, and with an additional rider mode for higher top speeds when needed.

The suspension has also been altered for low maintenance, using progressive rear shock and front fork with spring and no air, and along with the drivetrain is given extra sealant - again beneficial for reliability.

Whilst obviously being a quieter alternative, the Kalk AP is also greener & environmentally friendly. This is thanks in part to Goal Zero, a leading solar power company, who got in on the initiative to provide a high-powered solar recharging kit, meaning charging can be sorted on the go out in the bush.

One of the benefits of an electric motorcycle is what they can offer over combustion alternatives

Speaking of the benefits of using electric power in this setting, Mfana Xaba, Anti-poaching team leader, said: 

“The petrol bikes we’ve used previously have all been loud, heavy and expensive to keep running in these areas. The CAKE bikes are quiet, which makes it easier for us to approach poachers undetected. 

We hope this collaboration will result in more effective anti-poaching in our region and we are really excited to start using the bikes in the wild.”

There will be 50 Kalk AP bikes available for sale around the world, each numbered and priced in a bundle at €25,000 (standard bike price €13,000). As part of the limited edition offer Cake has said for each one they sell, they will donate one to the anti-poaching effort in Africa.

Cake will also provide the solar power station and solar panels from Goal Zero as part of the donation, so rangers can recharge through a plug and out in the wild - and what’s more, Cake and Goal Zero will be donating their profits to SAWC. 

Have a watch of this Cake video for more:

What a brilliant initiative, and all going to a really worthy cause.

Next up, the Anti-Poacher electric bike that is capable of poaching the poachers. Too far? I don’t know. 

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